Monday, May 11, 2009

Cooking Courses at Maison Conti

Alex Tallen is our wonderful cooking instructor. She grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota but now lives in France. We've known Alex since our daughter Emily was at George Washington University (1997-2000). Alex and Emily were both in the theater program there and both had interest in France, so they naturally became friends. Alex had just spent a year as an exchange student in France and spoke very well. She was asked to be the Washington D.C. tour guide for a French film actor when he came to give a workshop at GW. One thing led to another and Alex married the actor and moved to Paris. Emily married an actor herself and lives in Paris. Alex and Emily live within just a few blocks of one another. This is not where the similarities end. Alex and Emily's birthdays are only one day apart, they both recently had babies (born only two weeks apart), they both love to cook and both of them are vegetarians. Alex, unlike Emily, however, got a diploma at the famous Ritz Hotel Cooking School in Paris (in the Place Vendôme). And even though she doesn't eat meat herself, she creates meals of all kinds. She is extremely creative in her choice of ingredients. She has the true chef's ability to take any ingredient and create a meal around it. Her primary focus is always on fresh, local products. These are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes she has offered at Maison Conti, taken from the fall and spring offerings: Creamy fennel soup with star anise and hazelnuts Jerusalem artichoke purée with mango coulis Salmon w/ cranberry beurre blanc Rhubarb and orange flower tart This summer Alex offers a course in preparing a really fabulous cocktail party with impressive canapés that are beautiful, delicious and yet easy to prepare. Alex is also available to lead cooking courses and adventures for any private special occassion. Check out a more complete description of her classes at:

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