Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

There is no limit to improvement. --Moshe Feldenkrais
At Maison Conti we celebrated réveillon (New Year's eve) with a full house of clients from Paris. We served a large meal, killed an amazing number of bottles and rang in the jour de l'an with champagne flutes held high and American-style noise-makers and poppers.
Menu: amuse bouche raita & cheddar bread sticks entrée choice of foie gras with spice bread & fig jam or coquilles saint jacques & prawns soup: vichyssoise dinner rolls de la maison main course: herb-encrusted roast leg of lamb melange of roasted winter vegetables baked apples choice of 4 cheeses with a salad of baby greens dessert: chocolate torte layered with rum-flavored cream
This is the point in the evening when both the camera and the camera-operator stopped functioning in picture-taking mode, so there is no more documentation of the meal! I found it lovely to have a house full of guests, especially such pleasant ones. The new year begins energetically! On Monday we have an etching course beginning in the atelier. I will be working with two fabulous artists from Singapore who will spend the week experimenting with aquatint. I expect I will learn as much from them as they will from me. I am familiar with their work and greatly admire them both. I'll report back after the course is complete next weekend. In the meantime, I wish for a wave of unreasoned hope and joy to wash over you and send you sailing into this new decade with promise and fearless delight.
Hope is the dream of a soul awake. --French proverb


  1. What an elegant group - it looks like something from another time, but I guess the French always have that extra "quelque chose". Happy New Year, Nancy. I look forward to your next post.

  2. I agree with the precedent post ! Even for a French it seems a picture taken in a movie or from a novel. So charming and elegant !

  3. Whenever I drop by here I get inspired... or hungry... or most usually both...

    Thanks for putting the very inspiring end to the post. Hope that you have the most brilliant new year and decade that is full of great wonder.