Friday, March 12, 2010

Bella Barcelona - Part 2 At the Market

Wandering through a fresh-air market is fundamentally nurturing. Barcelona has several fine ones. During our first morning, we discovered the Mercat St. Josep, in the old town. Something about food, so colorful and elegantly arranged, satisfies all the senses and makes one dream of pleasant pass times in the kitchen. Of course we took most of our meals out, so my consumption was through the lens of a camera.

It seemed quite remarkable to me that even in early March, there was so much gorgeous produce available.

We returned to the market on our last day in town, just before leaving for the airport, to purchase some Spanish ham and cheese. Of course these products are easily available in France, but it's such a pleasure to purchase them from the source.

Although I think it's difficult to beat French breads and pastries, Barcelona does have some wonderful bakeries with a Spanish twist on their baked goods. Generally they are a little hardier and less delicate, which, from time to time, makes quite a nice change.


  1. Those markets are just divine...the colors belong in a painting!

  2. Everything looks so good here. What a great time! I'm traveling to a workshop on chine colle today for the weekend. Can't wait to learn some new techniques!