Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Language of Flowers

So delicate, so exquisitely temporary, flowers fill spring and summer days with joy. Who can resist their charming faces, their extravagant personalities, their who cares what tomorrow may bring attitude?  They are made to attract and seduce.

 How lovely to watch a bee madly romancing a flower, drunk with desire, he hums his satisfaction
 He may fly away for now, but he will return soon enough and start all over with his kisses.
Did you know that before there were flowering plants on this earth there could be no warm bloodied animals either? We depend on them, in fact, for our very existence.
How incredible their variation in form and color.
They work upon all our senses.

 A bouquet of flowers given to a friend or lover will never disappoint.
And if you wish to send a secret message along with your gift, you can speak the language of flowers

Here's a short list of some common favorites and their meaning:

Agapanthus - a love letter
Azalea - take care of yourself for me
Baby's Breath - pure in heart
Bluebell - constancy
Borage - courage
Calendula - joy
Calla - magnificent beauty
Camellia (Pink) - longing for you
Carnation (pink) - I'll never forget you
Chysanthemum - you're a wonderful friend
Daffodil - respect
Dahlia - good taste
Daisy -loyal love;
Gardenia - secret love
Geranium - friendship
Honeysuckle - sweetness of disposition
Iris - wisdom and valor
Jasmine - grace and elegance
Lavender - devotion
Lilac - first love
Lily  - purity
Magnolia - nobility
Marigold - sacred affection
Morning Glory - affectation
Nasturtium - maternal love
Orchid - refinement
Pansy - message of love
Pink - hope
Primrose - I can't live without you
Queen Anne's Lace - fantasy
Rose (red) - I love you
Rose (white) - eternal love
Rose (pink) - please believe me
Rose (yellow) - friendship
Roses (bouquet in full bloom) - gratitude
Snapdragon - gracious lady
Sunflower - you are splendid
Sweet pea - thank you for a lovely time
Sweet William - grant me one smile
Tulip - declaration of love;
Violet - faithfulness
Wisteria - I cling to you
Zinnia - thoughts of friends


  1. What beautiful images and words!

  2. Good Morning Musetta,

    Wonderful post...I can almost smell the perfumed aroma of these gorgeous blooms.

    I once had a gentleman give me a bouquet of roses top declare his love. They were yellow and of course as you tell us, that is the color of friendship...NOT love. He blew it! We were not to be.

    Enjoy your week with your blooms.

    Janet xox

  3. I love this post, especially the painting of the woman. Thanks also for the list of the language of individual flowers. I read more of your blog and especially like the theme of shadows. And also the reference to the song "You're so vain" by....I can't remember. Bonne continuation!