Monday, July 11, 2011

Here We Go Again

They say that everything changes but change itself. I like to keep that concept alive! If you're viewing my blog from a feed or reader, then you won't be able to notice that I've changed my banner once again. As I mentioned when I introduced you to Musetta a few weeks ago, she is a very demanding character. I've grown fond of her, but the time she requires renders the posting schedule of my blog much slower than I'd like. I have made a new website for her and I'll be working on that throughout the coming year, without any time pressure, I can give her the kind of attention she deserves. In the meantime, I am reverting to my former format. I have had several friends write to say they miss the local news. And frankly there's quite a lot of it these days. We're rolling along in high season and have some interesting events and travels on the horizon. So we're here and there in France again, my friends.


This past weekend brought a visit from Quinn and Emily. Jos was in Munich performing his one man show so the family came to stay, since we were not fully booked.

There is always so much to do when Quinn is at home. Certainly there are the trains, which he can hardly get enough of. He has lately discovered my collection of tin soldiers, so they are a new interest as well. There is also always some kind of art project. This time we made an owl mask and Quinn enjoyed whoo-hooing, flapping his wings and showing it off to our clients. In the opening photo, he is helping me in the press room. He likes to turn the big wheel, although he's still a little bit short!

Emily begins each morning with the yoga stretches and poses Salutation to the Sun. Quinn and Rick followed along.

Certainly we also took several walks. On our first one through the woods, we stopped by the park for a slide and teeter.

We also picked some small yellow and red plums that litter the ground on the entrance to the forest this time of year. Quinn ate his fill and then some.

On Sunday we had a picnic and a boating adventure in La Ferté-Bernard, the biggest city in our area. The town is criss-crossed by fingers of the Huisne River and one can rent little electric boats to putter along a rather long stretch of the river. It was a wonderful way to spend a warm afternoon, so relaxing and cool. We floated past the ancient gates to the city and under low bridges that cross the waterways.


Earlier in the week, the Tour de France passed not too far from us so we drove out to watch the riders pass by. It's such a strange spectator sport, as it takes time to drive to your spot, park, walk out to the route, wait for quite awhile for the race to arrive. Zip zip, they pass you by in a matter of seconds, followed then by an endless procession of support cars and media. Frankly, I prefer tennis.


  1. Like you Nancy,the "tour de France" lets me without any feeling. Too crowdy, too muc business, too fast !It was in redon the other day, and we stayed at home !
    Quinn est devenu un vrai petit garçon maintenant, il est adorable et très beau. je ne doute pas qu'il fasse des expériences en tout genre avec une famille telle que la votre : si créative, si curieuse de tout, si enthousiaste de la vie.

  2. I like to watch Tour de France on TV here(Australia) for the wonderful aerial visuals of France. The bikes? Not so much!

  3. I am so so happy to have your lovely posts about local life in France back. Good on you for being brave enough to make the change back.
    Looking at your photos boating on the river, I am longing to return to France already. Look at that castle, and the old stone wall banks. Where can I find that in the land of Oz? Everything is so shiny and new here (sticks out bottom lip!)