Monday, November 14, 2011

My Week in 32 Pictures

 dawn over Montmirail

we served 10 breakfasts this week

 blue bike outside the church

 sunny studio window

a  page from my nature journal

 the cathedral in La Ferté-Bernard

 the passageway that leads to the boulangerie in La Ferté-Bernard

 beet greens

 Mr. Crapaud

 window of the garden shed

 abandoned cabbage

 the last nasturtiums

 stocking up at the farmer's market

chine collé project step 1: paint the koschi paper with permanent ink

 chine collé project step 2: dampen the koschi paper carefully

chine collé project step 3: pose the inked plate and paper on the press bed

 chine collé project step 4: place dampened and spray-glued koschi on plate, glue up, towards paper

 chine collé project step 5: run through press

 mutabilis rose in front terrace garden on a sunny morning

 table set for Rick's birthday dinner

 a tiny snail emerges from the flower arrangement

 dogs were invited to church this week

 the local priest and his assistants get ready to say a blessing over all the dogs

 walking down our country road

farmer's gate

 seasonal colors

 a neighbor working in his garden

 local farm, ancient buildings

 empty nest

 little red pony in his green field

 Montmirail seen from across the valley
while I'm walking uphill, she's coasting down


  1. Life can be beautiful.Even with a tiny
    snail at the table!(A bit different from their usual appearance at French tables!)

  2. Morning Nancy,

    What a lovely set of photos! I envy your beautiful.

    Love the blessing of the dogs ritual and I like how you included an 'empty nest'.

    Happy belated birthday to Rick.

    Sorry I have not visited more...been hectic busy with the new business venture and my two shops. I promise to do better as soon as things settle down.

    Big hello to Rick and the family.

    Janet xox

  3. I had to just pour over this post before I could start work today. Ahhhhh.

  4. beautiful! i love the warmth and the light from the winter sun in your photos.

  5. What a wonderful and beauty filled set of pictures!