Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the Seasonal Spirit

'Tis the season to be jolly and also quite busy! How to share a few recollections from the past week? Briefly! We've launched Santa's workshop here at the Maison Conti, and all the elves are busy busy all the day long. Outside the sun comes and goes, the clouds open and close and yet we hardly notice, huddled, as we are, beside our roaring fire with busy hands and messy table tops.

We're making cards and gifts, projects which simply can't go public at this time.

We have the seasonal accoutrements gathered about us. I've ordered string and ribbon and wonders of every kind from the amazing suppliers on Etsy. So much is available out there!

We've barely begun to decorate the house for the season, although we did buy our charming little tree. As yet it sits in a corner rather expectantly.

I put out this wonderful merry-go-round book on the gueridon in the entry way (I love this French word for a round table. It's pronounced gary-don). It's a big book so is not often on display. Emily gives me a beautiful book like this almost every year. I love them all.

Daily there have been trips to the post office...I've had quite a few orders from my Etsy store. This is the busiest time of year there, of course.

Have a hoppy week!

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  1. Elves are so busy right now, but I think they are having the most fun of the year!♥♫