Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog days of summer

Hot summer days and nights make me incredibly lazy. The garden has gone untidy and tired and the same seems to have happened to me. Even if there is plenty of action in town, I myself have slowed way down.

In the village the yearly Medieval festival was celebrated at the turning of the calendar. We woke up on Saturday morning to our sleepy village filled with huge crowds of celebrants dressed in costume.

Of course our site is well-suited to reenactments from the days of knights and ladies.

Emily and her family stayed with us during the festival. It was the first time Quinn had been here for it and he found it all very fascinating. I suppose it was like a story book come to life for him. He called me to the window one day and pointed across to the castle where the young student who gives guided tours in the afternoon was sitting on a folding chair waiting for clients. "Look! There's the princess," he said with great enthusiasm.

I love the beautiful Percheron horses who gave cart rides through town. They're massively large and strong. They seem so noble to me.

Quinn took a pony ride which was a bit tame for him, as he has become quite a competent horseback rider. Still, any chance to get on a horse is a pleasure for him.

This month we're been able to welcome friends and family who are staying with us for extended visits. James and Adric, who are on their way back to California for the foreseeable future, have stopped off for a long French visit before their departure. It is such a pleasure to have them around.

Philippine, the youngest daughter of the neighbors at our old moulin came along for a few days to brush up on her English language skills. And our friend David, from California, has just sold his house in France and stopped off to visit for a week or so before heading back home. Meanwhile, we shuffle rooms around a little to accommodate clients as well, making for a very lively atmosphere.

One recent day we took a lunch and our kayaks and went into our nearest big town, La Ferté-Bernard, where they have a very nice picnic area.

We chose a spot between the river and lake, near the boat launch.

We took turns in the boats, read, snoozed, ate and worked the crossword puzzle.

The weather was just right, the park was sparsely populated and we had no obligations whatsoever.

It made for an exquisitely relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.