Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Week in Pictures

 For me, this is the most poignant time of the year, leaves turning mellow colors, so lovely, so temporary, just before they fall. Our weather has alternated between sunny days, warm, achingly beautiful, to gray cold days, anticipating the coming season. 

We took a wonderful walk one day in La Ferté-Bernard around the lake. The sun filtered through the yellow-green branches. Glowing.

It was the first time we had followed this path all the way around. At the mid point we came to a spot where the lake flows into the river.

The view of the castle out our back window is at its best this time of year. The grounds, which are only partially visible from our vantage, are kept in classic, formal shapes but the added color in fall adds charm, especially when the sun begins to set.

As always at this time of year, I begin to get the itch to redecorate, take on some house projects, make changes and improvements. Last year I painted out part of the wall fresco, which tames the little sitting room a lot. We reupholstered the chairs and couch as well. This year I have only rearranged pictures on the wall, changed light fixtures and added another couch. My bigger projects are yet to commence. Our clients have not completely stopped coming yet, so big messy painting projects will wait for winter.

We have, in fact, had some really wonderful clients during these quieter days. We count ourselves very lucky to have met so many interesting people through our bed and breakfast. We so often are regaled with interesting stories in several languages. Some of the people we meet become our friends.

We had the opportunity to go to Le Mans one day, to do a few errands, and catch a movie.

I took this photo of the back of Le Mans cathedral from a moving car. I used one of my new Photoshop actions to turn it into a post card from days long past. The building itself, of course really hasn't changed in hundreds of years.

My favorite new Photoshop action package is called Pioneer Girl. It offers several filters that, especially when experimented with, and used together, create effects that seem rather magical.

We have also had more time for local friends. We have shared dinners with our closest neighbors, Anne and Christine twice in the last week, and had coffee with Renata.

There is much more time in the studio as well. I am preparing my Etsy shop for the Christmas holiday by organizing my work and being sure the store is well-stocked.

And I have been following the inspiration I took from Gail's class to create some cosmic map-like imagery. These have been a great deal of fun to create. This one is called Worlds Within Worlds, and is available on Etsy.

Next week we leave for Paris for a few days to help with the grandchildren. Emily is off to Russia with the Peter Brook touring production of The Magic Flute. She is assistant director. She has seen a lot of the world this fall! Then we are off to Andalusia ourselves for a week with my friend Mariann.  (One of those wonderful former clients who crossed the line!) Come back for that report the last week of the month!

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  1. Lovely to hear what you've been up to. Such beautiful photos, and I love "Worlds within Worlds". I think you're lucky to have this period inside, all snug, to be creative, but perhaps I'm being overly romantic.