Friday, March 7, 2014

On Days Like These

Some trees are already in bloom

While waiting for winter to arrive, spring sneaked in through the back door. This is the first year since moving to France that there has been no snow at all and barely even a frost. The past week has been so mild that we almost have to believe winter really won't arrive this year. The forecast proclaims another ten days of sunny, warm weather. Certainly the world around us has moved on, and is preparing itself for the next season. If a big blast of cold does arrive, it will be more devastating now, as the natural world is going along on the assumption that it's time for spring activities.

On days like these...

View from our front windows at about 7AM

the sun rises over the green valley and bathes the sky in bright color. The road leading through the forest and then on towards Paris runs like a shinny ribbon toward the horizon.

Front door to the terrace and interior door leading to the atelier

Sun streams through open doors creating a play of light on the wall. The front doors stay open all morning.

Front hall, client kitchen and stairway beyond

Bright accents of golden light dance slowly across the floor, illuminating some corners, concealing others.

Stairwell leading to the second floor

The sun through windows makes bold strokes on walls, against which shadows are dark and well-defined.

View from our bedroom skylight

Bedding is left out to freshen in the warm air.

A bright bunch of tulips on the table in the entry

 Tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers bloom and grace tables with their enthusiasm for life.

Front terrace where our chaise longue has come out of winter storage

Morning sunbaths on the terrace are back in style.

A sparrow and morning dove surveying the village from our roof

 Birds return to town, filling the air with their happy, purposeful banter.

Typical Perche landscape with the green green grass and contented cows in a symbiotic relationship

Outings are made. We have gone into the the Perche several times, most notably to see the newly purchased bungalow of our American friends Dawne and Dean. We met them last fall when they stayed at Maison Conti. They are slowly pulling up roots in New York and starting a new life in the Perche countryside.

Photo by Dawne Polis

Along with Jonathan and Renata, we lunch in Mortagne-au-Perche near the charming cottage that now belongs to Dawne and Dean.

One of my work stations in the studio

The atelier is bright and inviting.

Hand colored photo etching of one of my drawings in progress

I spend leisurely hours, working on many projects while Rick is away from home on a construction job for Dawne and Dean.

Latest etching project

And I begin a rather large etching plate of bare trees, the last image inspired by winter I think!

View from our back windows at about 7PM


Days end as they began, with apricot-colored skies.


  1. Light and warmth are so important in our lives ! also disfruting of each minutes as you do, Nancy

  2. Beautiful photos Nancy. It looks idyllic, but such a mild winter! Hmm - what does that suggest for summer?