Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living in a Pink Cloud


My friend Wendy from Australia tells me I should be on the payroll of the French government. I'm such a booster. We had some clients last weekend (French) who couldn't understand how we could feel at home here. But what about the bureaucracy? Aren't the villagers narrow-minded? Don't they refuse to accept you? Isn't the government just terrible? We always enjoy the incredulity our clients express that we would have left San Francisco to live in the back of beyond in a tiny village in France.

We like to explain that here we live in a pink cloud. Our French language skills are just fuzzy enough that we can see and hear only the things that appeal to us. That, of course, is part of the charm of making a radical change in life. In truth we have been very well received and very kindly treated in this little corner of the world. 

I think many of the French romanticize the United States and especially San Francisco just as some Americans think of France as the origin of all things civilized, sexy and fashionable.

I have wanted my blog to offer a few fellow travelers out there, especially the arm-chair variety, some tales from the life of a Californian city girl turned French country bumpkin. I have made a resolution to post more often but briefly. I love your comments, so keep them coming!


  1. When I met my first husband who was czech we could hardly understand each other. I think our marriage lasted until we could speak the same language. It is so romantic sounding to be living in a small french village. I find that people almost everywhere are kind once you get to know them.

  2. I look forward to you post' ;-)

  3. I think part of your secret is not only the pink cloud, but the enjoyment with which you grab new adventures and experiences with both hands and run with glee. Then generously take us along with you for the ride.

    Although you really should be paid by the government as well...

    Love the drawings. I will patiently wait for more.

  4. I love the window you provide into French life "comme une etrangere". I think it is because you are living MY dream. How did you know? I guess quite a few people out there have this dream. ...and I agree with Wendy, I love this drawing and the new banner too.

  5. Le fait d'être "étranger" mais en même temps "intégré" dans un lieu ou une culture est nécessairement créatif car je crois qu'on porte un regard distancié sur les choses avec toujours l'arrière plan de sa culture d'origine. Ensuite, tout dépend de l'attitude qu'on adopte. Si on est curieux et ouverts comme vous l'êtes Rick et toi, Nancy, on absorbe les choses à la manière d'une éponge,sans les préjugés habituels. Et puis finalement, quand on a choisi de s'expatrier, on est certainement plus "léger", je veux dire qu'on est plus détaché des contingences et des pesanteurs de toutes sortes.
    Il y a aussi que vous "créez" véritablement votre vie quand beaucoup d'autres la subissent. Excusez-moi pour ce commentaire en français mais là, vraiment, je voulais toute la subtilité de ma langue maternelle que je possède inévitablement mieux que l'anglais pour dire exactement ma pensée.