Thursday, February 18, 2010


Last night the fog rolled in and we couldn't see the world beyond the church. In the evenings, until midnight, there are street lights on the place and so the whole scene was a monochrome brownish orange. This morning, before the fog lifted, I woke up to pale blue. This is the view from our bedroom window, with our own third floor roof in the foreground. I made a simple etching to try and capture the impression of quiet and calm.

I have grown fond of crows, called more poetically in French, les corbeaux. They keep us company all year long. Their cries are evocative and not at all harsh. They decorate every rooftop and circle the church constantly.

Here the weather changes very quickly. The morning's fog was washed away in a light rain by the time we had finished our breakfast. By mid-morning this was the view of the church from our front gate:

The day can go from gray to blue, from rain to snow to sun in a matter of minutes; and usually does. It's all quite unpredictable! And when the sky is blue, it's a deep cobalt


  1. But isn't that nice..keeps things from getting boring ;-) Your blue sky is lovely and I adore etching..what a nice view you have.

  2. Britanny and "Pays de Loire" are a little bit as Ireland : 4 seasons in a day.
    You always have to take a sweater, a coat, an umbrella, 2 pairs of shoes, scarf, gloves and hat at the same as sun glasses !