Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing but Blue Skies

View from the Atelier door

I love the way weather changes so fast in northern France. Last week the temperature was like summer and there was not a cloud in the sky. This week the St. Glace is visiting us. He is the saint who brings one last moment of cold weather at the very beginning of May. After you've cleaned out all your chimneys for the season, turned off the central heating and bought your tender tomato plants, the Saint of Frost comes along to remind you that you can't second guess Mother Nature.

The skies are blue and clear and the air is crisp. There's a little breeze that sends the clouds scuttling across the skies.


  1. That is exactly what we had this morning!! St. Glace must be reminding Virginia also ;-) Beautiful know how I love cloud pics.

  2. St Glace or no St Glace, that would be one very beautiful place to be.

  3. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰........................................

  4. hey..... love the "new look" of your blog!!! fantastic.... we went from blue sky here too... to poring rain!!! Never mind, great for the roses!