Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who says dandelions are weeds?

Spring wild flowers are so extravagant! I count dandelions among them, as one person's weed is another one's flower. Some people may go to extremes to try to remove dandelions from their lawns and flower borders, but I revel in their adaptability and cleverness in spreading themselves everywhere. Is there a place in the world where they can't be found? It's when they are allowed to become profuse that they are able to express their true charm. Yellow, as in YELLOW! is the color of spring in northern France. If it's not the dandelions, then it's the fields of safflower.

I have lately been able to get back into the woods below our house. It's not worth the trouble in winter when the trails are muddy, but once the new bright green leaves begin, once again, to cover the trees and they form that sort of tunnel leading into the magical forest land, I eagerly follow the pathway almost every afternoon.

The birds raucously discuss which trees to choose for their nests and the woodland flowers run rampant.

I took a photo of the spot which inspired my "A Walk in the Woods" created in the studio last summer. The light is quite different in the springtime, but still filters through the branches making that dappled effect I was so struck by.

The cows seemed to have some kind of a grudge against us. Maybe they wished they could come in under the trees too. They seemed to give us dirty looks from there enclosure, where we joined the forest path. They certainly can't complain for lack of nice green grass to munch. The fields are lush this time of year.

I have just finished working on another landscape print inspired by our area. It's about 12 X 24" and is created using four separate plates. All the color is added at the same time and it is run through the press just once. Inking up takes about 20 minutes! It's available for sale in my Etsy store.


  1. What a great way to welcome in Spring (and remind those of us on the underside of the globe that it is NOT Spring...)

    I think the cows may be perturbed by the thought of all your followers descending upon their quiet paradise in search of the beautiful countryside.

  2. Wow..that is a mean look that cow is giving you! I personally love dandelions...just held one under my hubby's chin to see if he liked butter...and he did! Funny how we all like butter...;-) That 1st pic of the path through your woods is begging to be painted.
    your friend,